Be the first to write the explanation for this question by commenting below. Cells displaced towards the outside of the vascular cambium differentiate as phloem. Secondary phloem can remain active over several growth cycles. Cork Cambium. Lenticels are openings in the bark of a tree that allows gaseous exchange. Thus, ‘secondary cortex’ [13] and ‘pseudo-cortex’ [14] have also been used for this zone. Explanation: No explanation available. During the secondary growth in both stem and root, the peripheral tissues like epidermis, hypodermis and cortex are replaced by a new secondary tissue called the Periderm (bark). Periderm, which includes, Cork. Beyond the cortex, the first periderm layer has formed. There are bands of phloem fibers in the secondary phloem and clusters of fibers further out into the cortex. Alstonia) are present. secondary phloem.e. Cork cambium or phellogen originates in the living epidermal parenchyma or hypodermal collenchyma cells of stems. Secondary phloem. Meristems and Secondary Growth 5. The functional phloem … Periderm —cork cambia, cork 7. Contributors and Attributions; In roots, the formation of both secondary meristems involves the pericycle. Most of the phloem parenchyma cells are filled with starch grains. Bark —includes the periderm, patches of This is a closer view of the cambium and phloem from cottonwood. In this sense it includes periderm, cortex, primary and secondary phloem. It can be distinguished into outer non-living and inner living parts. The term periderm is more distinct than bark. and shrubs, the zone between the periderm and the secondary phloem is often referred to as ‘cortex’. Vascular Cambium produces new xylem cells to the inside and new phloem cells to the outside 6. Answer and Explanation: 33. (1). Phelloderm. The Secondary Xylem is not a part of the Bark and is located beneath the Vascular Cambium, far towards the inner part of the stem. secondary xylem.d. Correct Answer: all of these. Related Questions: Male gemetes are flagellated in : Pollen tablets are avalable in the market for: 2. However, the cortex can be defined as a primary ground tissue between the epidermis and vascular bundles in a stem [12]. Secondary phloem, like secondary xylem, is a complex tissue. In secondary state, it consists of secondary phloem and all tissues outside it. periderm.c. For extrastelar secondary growth the cork cambium or … The latter designates all tissues outside the vascular cambium. Options (a) cork (b) secondary phloem (c) cambium (d) all of these. In mature barks a large quantity of sclerenchyma, phloem fibres and sclereids (e.g. (c): Extra stelar secondary growth means growth in the cortical region, external to slele. The periderm includes . The periderm includes (a) secondary phloem (b) cork (c) cambium (d) all of these. The periderm composed of three components: (1) Phellogen, (2) Phellem and (3) Phelloderm. cork.. Secondary Phloem has the same origin as secondary xylem, namely, the vascular cambium. Answer to Heartwood and sapwood consist ofa. bark.b.