1. 138 No notes for slide. Abstract. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Bacterial Genetics ... microbial genetics aiiinura. A brief account of history and scope of Microbiology. Bacterial genetics, lectures 3 ST •Replication -DNA •Regulation •Change - mutation • - gene exchange •Genetic engineering in medecine •Application to clinical diagnosis . You can get a great deal of insight into how and why experiments were done can by reading about the history and development of the fields of bacterial genetics and molecular biology. MICROBIAL GENETICS Julia Hartati, dr FK UNISBA 2009. Assumption College, Autonomous Microbial biotechnology, enabled by genome studies, will lead to breakthroughs such as improved vaccines and better disease-diagnostic tools, improved microbial agents for biological control of plant and animal pests, modifications of plant and animal pathogens for reduced virulence, development of new industrial catalysts and fermentation organisms, and development of new General Principle of Microbial Genetics